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Where is that ma’am? September 4, 2013

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We’ve finally somewhat settled into “our” house.  The somewhat and “” are due to the fact that we are currently renting the home we’re attempting to buy because the V.A. takes so long to finalize paperwork.


As I sit here, we still have no furniture, short of two folding camp chairs and a blow up bed.  Our move is considered a “specialty” move since a giant moving truck may not fit up our hill and back down again and so to save everyone involved a headache, we’re not sending for the furniture until we’re signed and official…. we are after all the same people who had a double deployment, broken arm requiring surgery, a house ran into, a hurricane/flood and lost two dogs all within 6 months.  We’re not pushing our luck.






Now that we’re here, I am getting a refresher and the boys, including the big one, are getting a new lesson on rural living.  Septic tanks and well pumps create a whole new set of challenges, along with the inability to get phone, internet or cable – not that we ever would.  Just to get our internet set up took us two weeks and probably over 100 phone calls, but that 700 feet was just too much for anyone and we finally had to go with a “rural”, 4G provider.


Within an hour of finally having a bit of civilization back, the power went out.  While this has nothing to do with be considered rural, it does pose a challenge when you’re on your own system.  “Oh, you want to flush?  Well, you get one.  Use it wisely.”  For those of you who have never been on a well system, you have a pump hooked up to bring the water into the house from the well.  No power, no pump.  The only water you have is what’s left in the house.  Personally I see this as an excuse to drink the wine in the fridge, but that’s just me.  Now, having boys, we got to cheat a bit.  A bit I say.  Not all of us can use the ample shrubs out back!






A pump also means that when you water your grass, you don’t get a decent shower or get to run the dishwasher do to a lack of water pressure.


I’m having to teach the boys about the septic also.  No 30 minute showers boys!  Besides – you have an inch of hair, what are you doing in there?  Umm… never mind, don’t answer that, just get out!


If you fill your septic tank full of water, you’ll end up with a field full of….  ew… let’s not think of that.


All of this may seem like a huge pain.  But when you walk out on to your porch and there is a nearly deafening silence.  Maybe the hum of far of farm machinery, or a rooster crowing a mile away.  Birds singing, or at night a coyote giving away its position, it all becomes worth the small inconveniences.  No neighbors yelling, short of the distant far off laughter of some kids in their backyard pool.  No dogs constantly barking for hours on end.  I don’t hear other people’s televisions or discussions with their teenagers.  The only cars passing are your neighbors, who want as much privacy as you do.


And that leaves our fur-baby.  She used to be a champion birder and mouser.  Now she won’t leave the porch without me because there are bigger things out there that will eat her.  She has to learn to be a cat again.






So as we all learn and relearn what the world really looks like, we’ll keep explaining to companies where our little piece of quiet is.







4 Responses to “Where is that ma’am?”

  1. Have to give you a little septic/well suggestion here, one I grew up with. “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down”. Saves water AND the cost/hassle of a septic pumping. As for watering the grass, If you’re in arid country, try native landscaping. Mother Earth will thank you and you’ll save your well water as well. Then again, you could always grey water your lawn 🙂

    Welcome to the country!

    • blankenmom Says:

      Hahaha – Yes, that is one of the boys’ new favorite sayings for when the power goes out. I do have to point out in this matter however that we have the new “#1 and #2” flushing toilets (separate buttons for each) . So very, very little water is used each time. We’ve also put new shower heads on each shower that run 2.0 gpm, but with our low water pressure we measured it at almost 1.5 gpm…. try washing long hair in that! (Ok, ours bathroom is slightly higher at about 2.0 gpm, but it’s still a bit of a challenge washing long hair.) And put a shower timer for the boys’ bathroom to tell them when it’s time to get out. Our front loaders will be showing up soon and I cram those babies *full* which saves a LOT of water! I also make sure the dishwasher is as crammed as I can get it and run a very light cycle. (This dishwasher even includes a “water saver” cycle – very cool!) We do have *very* little lawn compared to our neighbors, about 1/16 of our 2 1/2 acres is green grass and the rest is the dry sage that maintains itself – thank goodness! And even for that little bit of green grass we’re going to attempt to lengthen the watering cycle next year to 3-4 days instead of every other day. We’re still trying to figure out the laws on the “grey water” however. Not all states and localities allow the use of water barrels and the like. Of course we can’t actually do anything until we actually own the darn thing!

      I love that you brought this up though! I tend to be the lone “greany” and drive my family and friends bonkers. I think I hear a blog coming on? 😉

      And thank you – we love it here!

      • lol I’m the Green Meanie as the kids call me. I’m always coming up with new and embarrassing things for them to try doing to save our Mother. Who knows, maybe it’ll rub off on them eventually.

        Though, with the way my son keeps his room, he may be trying to save space in the landfills 😉

      • blankenmom Says:

        Hahaha! I know exactly what you mean on that room too!

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