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Somewhere to sit October 20, 2013






It’s been a week since our furniture showed up and the boys and I  went full force to get everything unpacked and set up, between our modified schoolwork lessons of course.  I’m pleased to say, 95% of it is done minus some pictures on the wall….. and my sewing room.  It’s scary in there!


When our stuff left the last house in two giant mac trucks, I was expecting an extra charge to make it up the hill and around all the corners, or having them park at the bottom and shuttle it up.  With my expectations set for full-out catastrophe, I gave all the neighbors a note to let them know what might be coming their way on moving day and to please let us know if any problems arise.

Over kill?  Maybe.

However, on our move to Staten Island, the moving truck knocked down two phone lines.  When we moved into “that house” we managed to block one-half of a “major” thorough-fare (major as in, it was the biggest road in a town of 5000 people.  Not even a light or stop sign.) bringing out a police traffic controller to assist.  On our departure, we blocked an entire side road.

The neighbor’s were pleased with the heads up and I also got to meet many of them in the process.  The note also gave the low down on the newest people in the neighborhood – everyone wants the gossip on new folks!  (Can you call it a neighborhood if each house has no less than 2 acres?)

I also warned the moving company and asked them to come check it just-in-case.  A stuck mac truck was not my ideal lawn ornament!

What ended up showing up on moving day?  This “tiny” little truck!  I was shocked all our stuff fit in there – with room to spare?  Albeit excited that it did, since that meant we really don’t have that much crap…. eh er, stuff, I was still in shock!






So moving day went off with-out a hitch… well, one minor sad hitch, but the company has been outstanding; it’s getting fixed and I’ll have my cutting table back shortly.  Probably before I actually get done putting my sewing room back together.






I can honestly say, this has been the most unique and odd move since we’ve been married.  On previous moves, we’ve had stuff lost, stolen, broken, 2×4’d in front of us.  We’ve gone from 75* to -75* in a two-day move.  (Nothing like showing up to freezing temps in shorts!)  We’ve left not having any place at all to stay, but getting one along the way.  Leaving with a place to stay, and losing it on the way there.  But sitting with no furniture for 3 months, uncertain if we would have a home was a first.


Thank you to some awesome homeowners that allowed us to rent for a month and a half while waiting for the process to finish – that’s some trust right there!


But we were together, so it was all good.


Over the next few months, I’ll be good friends with my humidifier.  Over the next few weeks I’ll peek in on my sewing room to make sure it’s still a mess.  And over the next few days we’ll finally start our “real” schoolwork now that it’s finally shown up.






After all, we finally have a place to sit!








*I’d also like to say, tonight is my 3 year blogaversary.  Thank you all for joining me for the last 3 or so years!


2 Responses to “Somewhere to sit”

  1. Congrats on having a place to sit and write and more! Happy 3rd blogiversary!

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