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Designing my way out October 31, 2013

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You can only see part of the chaos in this room thank goodness!



Since I’ve been in such a funk lately, I have completely avoided neglected my sewing room for other projects around the house.  (You should see the work I’ve done on the pear trees we’re planting!)  Poor sewing – it always get’s the brunt of my moods.  But now the first-born is visiting with a project he needs sewn and a friend of his needs a snap put back on, so getting the sewing room at least partially set up is no longer an option.


So tonight I put it together with the bare minimum for when he get’s here for those projects.  But what about after he leaves?


Since I’m not exactly in the sewing mood, I’ve decided instead to get creative in another way… and get some of my frustrations out at the same time, by building my new sewing room; well, sort of.  I plan on building all new shelves, tables and cutting table (since mine is out cold from the move.)  And since we’re a bit tight on the budget after buying the house, I plan on using pallets.  I have a strange fascination with them?  Normally my dentist man would object, but since it’s relegated to my sewing room, he’ll just be happy I’m not spending any money and keeping busy.


Ok, I actually bought a new tool for the project.  Ssshhhh….






The main idea for my sewing room will be all standing or resting on a high stool.  My posture is getting very poor from sitting at the machine all the time.  Getting up constantly from sewing to press or cut was getting annoying and let’s be honest here…. sitting all the time is contorting my butt into a funny shape – not cool.

After a google search, I’m not the only person who does this.  So I’m only half-crazy.

Another thought, it needs to be easy to clean under when I vacuum.  The room is carpeted again, at least for now, which makes wheels on a chair tough to use and I’ll still have to vacuum instead of sweep.  Big bulky furniture is hard to clean around and once you move, leaves large spots on the floor from where you’ve been walking and not walking.  So having as little of a “footprint” from furniture as possible, makes for easier cleaning.

Since the sewing room is right next to the boys’ bedroom, I’ve had numerous complaints requests to sound proof the room a bit.  Seems my sewing machines tend to be a bit noisy?  Sheesh – I love the sound of a sewing machine humming, you’d think they would too?  I guess trying to sleep at 3 am with a serger battering next to your head doesn’t work very well?  Go figure!  So I’ll be attempting to sound-proof the room a bit on the adjoining wall and keep the machines on the opposite wall.  I wonder if that will work to keep little boy noises out of my sewing room?

My last thought was maximum storage without clutter.  Clutter drives me batty and my sewing room is the only place I can control it.  The rest of the house has monkey’s flying about, so I have to just learn to live with it.  My sewing room is under my control.   Bwahaha.. oh um, yeah.


This room is really a great one for business purposes if I choose to re-up here.  It’s got a door to the outside and a driveway right outside of it.  It’s got a door to the house, so when we do get dogs again, I won’t have to try to keep them out and I won’t have people walking in on a fitting by accident *awkward*.


Here is the design inspiration for the furniture ~






~ suggestions?


So for the next few weeks, or months (depending on how crazy things get around here), this will be my project.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress – good or bad – and hopefully by the time I’m done, I’ll have my sewing inspiration back!




4 Responses to “Designing my way out”

  1. trixfred30 Says:

    I but tools. Then I stick them in the cupboard under the stairs, where they get lost and/or forgotten. Then I go buy more tools and stick them under the stairs and so on and so on….

  2. aburrow76 Says:

    I love tools…shhh. I think I need a large box on wheels If it were up to me or we actually had a garage. Sigh, just a carport. So we are creative with our space and junk. Good luck on making this room. It sounds exciting!

    • blankenmom Says:

      Thanks! We have so been there! *That house* didn’t even have a car port (we were lucky to have a private driveway there), so I know how having no storage can be. It’s amazing how creative you get with your storage! And I know the very tool box you’re talking about! (You know they make one with a fridge and speakers now?!)

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