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Funny thing happened…. February 13, 2014

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…..on the way to the dentist.


Hubby 5


I finally did it.  I finally had to go in and be seen by my dentist man.  It’s bad enough to have to be seen by a regular dentist, but to be seen by the guy who already knows that you skipped brushing two days ago…. after that soda and maybe even a glass of enamel eating wine – is just too much.  Uhg.


To be honest though, I am truly the worst patient ever.  Not only do I *really* REALLY dislike going in, but I’m complicated too.  I freak out over the shots (I’ve been known to not open my mouth, or jump out of the chair).  I’ve got the wrong number of teeth.  I *always* have cavities no matter how well I brush (and yes I do actually floss!).  My mouth is the size of 6 year old’s and to top it off, my mouth will get stuck open if it’s left open too long.  (Stop snickering at the imagery thank you…..)  And I’ve been told I bite.  *heeheehee*


Dentists dread hearing I’m coming in that day.


I’ve seen him in his element through pictures on the ship.  I love those pictures – I may hang those pictures.  But that was different, those were guys stuck on a ship.  Where were they going to go if they didn’t want to come in – swim for it?


But that was the amazing thing.  For the first time I got to see him do his job.  Like, actually do it, not just talk about it with his “dental geeks” or look in my mouth and go “Yup, that’s pretty gross!”  I got to see him in his lab coat, with his instruments, with his assistants – fixing people.  Fixing me!


And that’s when it hit me…..


……my dentist man is really, really good at what he does!  And to see him do what he does, first hand and to be able to honestly say he’s pretty amazing at it – was a great day.


If he were a janitor, plumber, paper pusher, electrician, painter, or whatever he had ended up otherwise – if he did it as well as he did this, I’d be just as excited to see him do his work.


Seeing your spouse do what they love and do it well, no matter the job, is something not to be taken for granted.


I felt very proud to claim him as mine.


Not so sure he’d say the same about me as patient though?


Any thoughts?

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