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I swear it started out as a decent conversation! March 8, 2014

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sponge bob



Tonight on the way home from church, sandwiched together in the cab of our old 85′ Dodge Ram, the three youngers and I were talking about what we heard at church as we made our way to BK.  Don’t look at me like that – we don’t eat there very often… much.  Anymore.  Ok, it was late and we hadn’t eaten yet.  So there.


While sitting at the window, having already ordered, pulled around and paid, we were apparently waiting for them to kill the cow as we had been sitting there for quite a while.  We didn’t mind since they had already given us our soda’s and we were relaying to the youngest, who goes to the middle school group, what was said in the main church.


The pastor’s wife spoke tonight and did a fine job.  Her talk was excellent.  One of the stories however spoke very much to my children:

“When I was 12 years old, I went to a party at the Y.  It was a pool party.  There were several of us 12-year-old girls.  All obnoxious and we all thought we knew everything.  About an hour and a half into the party, they all started screaming and jumping out of the pool claiming there was poop at the bottom of the deep end.  I was entirely too stubborn to fall for this and the lifeguard proceeded to explain that they were remodeling and because of that the ceiling tiles were falling and sometimes they made it into the pool.  Satisfied with this explanation the girls all piled back in.  About 30 minutes later, they all piled out again, convinced it was poop.  I wasn’t going to stand for this.  I shouted for someone to give me their goggles.  Threw them on and swam down.  I snatch that pile up and brought it to the edge of the pool to prove them all wrong and show them how silly they all were.  And that’s when I realized what it was.  The lifeguard cleared out the pool and the swim part of the party was over.  But even after washing my hands, I still couldn’t eat my pizza with my right hand.”


I know – EWWWWW!


Her point to the story was about our perspective compared to Gods.  She thought she was all that and knew what it was, but 10 ft of water clouded her judgement.  The same goes for when Satan tells us something is right, when we know it isn’t.  The great deceiver will cloud our judgment, like the 10 ft of water,  and tell us “Go ahead.  Pick it up – it’s just…..”.  God put it that far away from us for a reason.


Excellent story to relay this message!


Now as I’m telling our youngest this, and we’re still waiting for that cow to cook, he asks “What kind of poop?” as if it truly matters.  “Well people poop of course?!”  My second-born asks “Why would it matter – poop is poop?”


And that’s when I exclaimed “I think I’d rather pick up dog poop with my bare hands than people poop.  People are nasty!”  I then turn to look inside the closed window of the drive through to see 5 teenage girls attempting to squelch their laughter at the conversation taking part inside the cramped truck cab.


And here people, is another lesson from tonight’s sermon – The folks inside the drive through CAN hear you while you’re at the window…. talking about poop.  Or you know, whatever else you talk about.



Any thoughts?

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