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Don’t call me, baby! April 5, 2014

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I have a small confession…. I loathe baby showers.  I wasn’t all that excited over mine even.  I will send you all sorts of gifts if you don’t make me come!


A bunch of squealing women, touching one poor woman who’s too fat to run and hide.  Not that she’d fit anyway.  Sitting in the most uncomfortable chair in the room, everyone staring at her as she goes through each gift, hoping it’s not that ugly item she specifically passed over three times at the store.  And everyone hoping they didn’t buy that one item she specifically passed over three times in the store!


The last one I attended I won most of the games, possibly due to the fact that I was the only one who had kids already – so they stopped letting me play.  Sore losers!


I posted about the rattles I was making for a friend of ours.  After several years of waiting, they’re having a small litter.  A boy and a girl.

Having known our friend since 9th grade (we won’t go in to how many years exactly that is!) we are very excited for them!  He was one of the few who stuck around when we had our first, and was one of our witnesses when we got married.  19 years later, he’s getting two of his own.


How could I not get excited?


How could I not get even more excited when I was told “Hey, we love you, but we don’t want you driving all this way just for a shower.”  OMG’sh – I love these two!  Not to mention, I don’t know *any* of her friends.  Awkward!  So this was most excellent!


In my excitement I may have gone a little over board… maybe.  But by-golly I had a blast!




I admit that it’s orange… that wasn’t my intention I swear!  The yarn is coral and when we went back to buy the fabric – it looked like it matched perfectly?  Darn fabric store lighting!  Goes awfully well with the teal though doesn’t it?


This is just what I put in the basket – I still have a few left overs!  Anyone need baby items?


The end results were great – I was very pleased!  And much relieved when they told me how much they liked it on its arrival.  It can be a bit nerve-racking when you hand make something not requested – who knows if they’ll actually like it or think “Oh my lanta – this is the ugliest thing anyone has ever made?”.  Oh, don’t act like you’ve never gotten one of those!


I guess the lesson here is – if you want a haul from blankenmom, don’t invite her!






Items in the basket ~

  • Two handmade, softest blankets you’ll ever lay your hands on.  NOT in pink or blue.
  • Eight handmade, softest washcloths you’ll ever lay your hands on.  NOT in pink or blue.
  • 12 handmade burp cloths.  NOT in pink or blue. 
  • Seven handmade, reusable diaper wipes/washcloths.  NOT in pink or blue.
  • Eight handmade baby rattles.  NOT in pink or blue.
  • 10 white onesies in 0-3, 3-6 and 6-9 months.
  • Four store bought gauze blankets.  (Where were those when I had the boys?)
  • Two boxes of flushable diaper liners.
  • A gift card for what-ever was forgotten.



Mazel Tov my friends!


Any thoughts?

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