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Shadowed. May 24, 2014

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I haven’t been busily sewing or knitting the last week or so, I did however get a *little* yard work done, but not really.  Why you ask?





Meet Shadow – no, not because she’s black, but because she’s Lady’s Shadow.  All 8 weeks and almost 5 lbs of her.  Named by the first-born’s girlfriend.  (We all wrote the name we wanted on a slip and drew.  She won.  She has now declared part ownership.)  This is my dentist man’s new lap warmer, once she eventually stops moving.  Someday.  (Don’t let this picture fool you.  She’s faking.)


selfie ^Girlfriend^


Lady wasn’t quite as impressed as we thought she’d be with Dean’s next-in-line, but has finally decided the puppy, at least while asleep, isn’t *too* bad?  And besides, she’s digging the extra treats and walks she’s getting out of this, even if it does come with being jumped on, chewed on, and being licked in random and weird places.


Jowl cleaner anyone?


With all this, Lady has still taken it upon herself to show Shadow the ropes.  “This is where mom makes dinner every night.  Lay under her feet, and when she trips over you, she’ll drop food right where you can reach it.  And the boys are super messy, so lay right over here if you want something else tasty.”  I may have the cleanest floors around!  (If we’re not counting the dust bunnies and dog drool.)



You’re digging my 1980’s linoleum aren’t you!



Thank goodness school is now out, so the boys can spend endless (and I’m not far off on that) hours playing with her!  We’re now up to about 5 walks around the 2 1/2 acres a day.  Yes she walks majority of it and yes, she *still* wants to play when she get’s back.  But at least it slows her down a bit.


But lest you think I’ve been shirking my duties and *only* playing with the puppy…..  pfft – who am I kidding, the new phrase in our house is “You wake it, you play with it!”……  I have been getting a *little* sewing in.








I can’t tell you how giddy this shirt makes me!  Even the boys were impressed with the sparkles.


Admittedly, this shirt should have only taken about an hour, but instead it took about 5 days with all the antics going on.  However, now that it’s been a week, the puppy is settling in and I’m getting more sewing time back in.


Priorities here!






With company.



Please take a moment this weekend while bbqing, camping or sleeping in, to remember what Memorial Day is truly for.  Thank you to those killed or wounded and their families, who made the ultimate sacrifice for us all.


Any thoughts?

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