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Back to the basics September 1, 2014






Summer is going as quickly as it came around here.  The days are rapidly going from 100* to 80* at best, the tent has been brought off the front lawn and school has started.  That means outdoor projects are quickly coming to an end so I can be inside cracking the educational whip.


It also means back to sewing, making good dinners that couldn’t be made in the heat and indoor projects.  I think I heard my dentist man hint at getting the floors put back in as he was picking out another sliver – silly man, that’s what we have slippers for!


With one of my up-coming sewing project I’m actually asking for your help.  Both summer dresses – but I’m determined to figure this out… before next summer!


I made this dress as you may remember ~




And hemmed this dress~






And quickly realized that hemming them for heels, when I only get invited to lawn parties, wasn’t smart.  But I still would love to go to a grown-up party that calls for heels… at some point… in these dresses that I bought and/or made for that very purpose.

So my question to all of you sewers out there:  How would *YOU* go about hemming a long dress or skirt so it could be raised or lowered a few inches, without it looking like a bridal gown?


Stumped as I am?  Give us a few months – we’ll come up with something!  


And along the way I plan on making a few things I found in the newest Burda Style magazine.



Jersey Dress with Shrug 11/2013 #111

I hope I don’t look as angry as her in it?  



Top and bottom

Wide Leg Pants with Front Seam 12/2013 #103B

Draped Jersey Top 12/2013 #119A


I absolutely fell in love with these!  And the bonus – they’re husband approved.  As in, he says I’ll actually probably wear these (instead of just looking at them in the closet and saying “Ooh – that’s so pretty!” like I do with all the dresses I make).


Along with a few baby blankets for the clinic I volunteer for, and to just keep on hand seems as how people keep feeling the need to procreate and all.  I also found the pattern for pillow cases to donate to kids in foster care.  So be ready for a lot more sewing projects to come!  And possibly a few more home improvement projects… you know… to keep me out of trouble.