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Washed up March 18, 2017

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Sort of a break from my usual posting.  But someone out there has probably had the same experience, so why not commiserate!


Due to some health issues, my hair has been falling out, and not growing properly.  So I was trying out the “no-poo” method to see if that would help.  It was a crazy, scary ride my friends!

It wasn’t even that I was a wuss and only tried it for a week or so, and then gave up?  I tried it, in various fashions for around 6 months.  Low-poo, no-poo, water-wash, dry shampoo, masks…


I started out like they said and only shampoo’d every other day, cutting back from there slowly.  And gave it about 3 months for my body to recover and chill on the oil production.  Thank goodness I wore pony-tails to work!  Around the 4th month I was starting to think there was something terribly wrong with me, or my hair, or how I was going about this project?  Thing is, I have extremely fine hair on majority my head.  The base of my head has this random, crazy, super thick-stranded kinky hair that contrasts the pin-straight hair all over the rest of it.  The kinky hair, loves the grease, and the straight, completely hates it.  What I’ve discovered with this, among other things, is that the people who love it and rave about not using shampoo, all have dark, or thick-stranded hair.  I rarely see a fine-haired blonde profess their love of not using shampoo.

About midway through the 5th month, I woke up on my day off (thank goodness) to hair that looked like a swarm of bee’s had deposited vast quantities of honey on my head!  The pin-straight hair stuck to my head, and when I attempted to comb through it, it moved as one giant hair helmet of grease.  The kinky hair underneath, stuck straight out like a board.  And all of the hair passed the length of my chin, was full of static and raised as high as it could go, or to my face.

So glad my dentist man was not home to witness… or document this!

I have no idea what cause this congregation of oil to amass on my head overnight, but I was not having it!  I took two showers that day, with “real” shampoo (strong stuff, none of this organic stuff was going to work on this problem!) and still, my hair looked like I had put my head in a grease vat!  I had to go to work the next day sporting the “wet hair” look.  No one said anything, hopefully no one noticed.  But I was back to washing my hair daily.  Granted, with the expensive “all natural” shampoo’s, but I couldn’t be sporting that craziness again.  I have enough issues to deal with.

Doing a little more research, I came across shampoo bars.  I happen to have some all natural, hand made soap I had bought from the local farmers market on hand and thought that might work?  The first week or so I wasn’t impressed.  My hair still felt a bit greasy afterwards, but it was a vast improvement on the previous experiment!  The second week I noticed a huge improvement!

And my hair has finally come back around.  It feels a lot less dry at the bottom, a lot less greasy at the top; it’s growing again and breaking less, and I can actually go one full day without washing it without becoming a grease ball –  none of this happened with regular shampoo’s and conditioners.

So, handmade soap, boar bristle brush and apple cider vinegar rinse was what ended up finally working.  How funny that in the end, something as simple as soap was all that was needed to get my hair healthy again.

If you want to give it a try, you can make it, buy it on-line, some local stores, or from your farmers market.  It will be healthier for your body, your budget, and little to no packaging left over to boot!















Any thoughts?

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