My Blanken World

My world of boys, textiles and moving.

Me October 18, 2010

I’m petite, ok, short and a bit spastic.  Kind of flaky, but a bit neurotic, usually about the unimportant stuff.  I love to sleep in late and stay up later.  I need to be near nature and natural light is a must.  I love the smell of rain, the warmth of a sunny day, the crunch of fall leaves and the sparkle of snow.  I love colors and sparkles, I really like sparkles.  No pink or purple please, they make me want to run screaming!  I’m devout in my faith in Christ, but am terrible at religion.  A  good story with great friends can make my whole week.  I am the complete opposite of anything normal and I’m learning to like it that way.

Married to my ever supportive, ever patient, ever wondering what new thought might pop into his wife’s head next –  former active duty Navy, now a reservist dentist hubby of many, many years.  Proud to be called “Mom” by our 3 future men and one who’s grown and moved out, all of whom I’ve been given the pleasure (most days) of homeschooling.  Viola the cat, dogs Josie and Oly who just passed and on occasion, random other animals that choose to stay alive, share their home with us.

I can sew, knit, crochet, teach and am the resident “handyman”. My house cleaning skill are lacking, as are my cooking skills. Beauty and fashion are out of my realm. My singing is scary and my groove is broken. But ask me a child-rearing question, something about sewing, knitting, home repair, moving, feeding a small army on a students budget, random useless facts or for a prayer, and I can probably help you out.  You can often find me catching frogs, lizards, bugs and small rodents or what ever else might happen to pass by my house, much to the frustration on my husband, disgust of my neighbors and excitement of my boys.

Follow the craziness of us attempting to switch from military to civilian life, fix up a house, deal with a house from across the country, church life, schooling, stitching, sewing, the occasional customer, knitting, purling, when I’m feeling wild – a y/o, unclogging toilets, fixing broken bunk beds, wiping drool off the wall, “Mom I need… “, “Honey, where is… ” and “Ma’am, please fill out…” all while trying not to stitch rip, yet again!