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Dog’gone it! October 26, 2012

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A while ago I had mentioned that our old lady dog had gotten sick.  I wasn’t quite ready to talk about it.  Silly as it sounds, I’m more upset than I thought I would be.  I’m not one of those people who treated their dogs likes kids, but I didn’t leave them out back either (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing – my dad NEVER let his dogs in the house, but loved each one I swear more than us, they probably listened better after all!)


We’ve found out that she has a tumor.  And at 15, just the process to attempt to remove it could kill her, so we’re just enjoying her for the last few months we get her.  In all the years we’ve had her, she’s been exhausting and absolutely wonderful.  One of my constant companions, a “sister” to my oldest and here for the birth of the 3 younger boys.  She took excellent care of each one too.  She went from a dog the pound was leery about adopting out to us at 4 months old, to a dog I trusted completely with my safety and being around even my infants.  We’ve known this was coming, which makes it easier…. just still not easy.





This week, we also found out that our big dog will also be leaving us soon.  She’s been diagnosed with bone cancer in her front right shoulder.  And at 4, we could remove her leg, give her chemo for $1000’s and still only get to keep her for a year.  She’s been a huge pain-in-the-butt for the whole 4 years – I admit.  But she was MY pain-in-the-butt, and 4 years is not nearly long enough to enjoy her insanity.  We have just a few months left to watch her be the absolute goofball she is.





My sewing room is going to be very empty indeed and our house very stark.  I’m going to miss the fur rolling across the floor and the drool on the furniture… clothes… walls… ceiling.  And what little “girl talk” I do, will have to be done with the cat, who really dislikes it when I  disturb her universe.


I know many of you have gone through the same thing, so I know I’m not alone.


So for the next few months, my girls will get spoiled like crazy and loved like there is no tomorrow – so you know, the usual!


As for the cat – I’ve already told the vet I’m too afraid to bring her in to him.




To brighten my day… month? Season! April 6, 2012

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I got a bit of money recently as a gift – they know me so well.  They knew exactly where I was headed too – straight to the fabric store!






After about 4 hours… yes, I said 4 hours of fabric shopping, I finally made it back home.  My family thought I had abandoned them; while the thought had crossed my mind as I was walking the isles, I decided I might miss them after a few years.  So back I went with my newly acquired stash – very pleased with myself. 




Did I mention I hit the yarn store on the way to the fabric store?







I must admit, the weather here is making me a bit of a curmudgeon.  Constantly grey, never warm and always wet.  What do you sew for weather like that?  Sad part is – I used to love this weather and thought I’d never want to leave!  So my strategy was to just buy fabric and figure out what I was going to do with it later.  Bright colors, happy colors, colors that would make even grey, wet, depressing days exciting!



Got any idea's - other than a cat bed?



















I’ve also been discussing with my dentist man that we need a new duvet cover.  After 17 years, it’s time!  Granted, it’s a walk through memory lane whenever I see it.  “That’s when the first-born got sick that year.”  “That’s when you had the flu.”  “That’s when we had the second-born.”  Yeah, even he agreed it was definitely time to change it out!


Our discussion was along the lines of ~

Me: “Hey Dad – what kind of fabric do you want?  I don’t want it to be too girly for you?” 

Dentist Man:  “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem with you Dear?  Nothing too busy, no orange and something that hides drool.”  (From the dog – goofball’s!)

Me: “Ok, that should be easy enough!”


Yeah, 4 hours later…..  This is what I ended up with –


Exciting - I know! Even more sad? It's the same thing as we had before!



My dentist man is out to sea again, so that gives me a bit to get that done.  Did I mention the boys all asked me what trouble we were getting into as we watched the ship float away?  That’s my boys!

The sun has been creeping out a bit more lately (does once a month count?) and it only freezes about once a week now.  I think I see a break in my disposition, maybe the bright fabric will help?  That and dreaming of our next duty station – Guam’s looking really good!  *Wink*







Happy Passover/Good Friday and Easter to you’all!


What to say, what to say? March 2, 2012

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Wow the last two weeks have been a whirl-wind!

My dentist man arrived home 2 weeks earlier than the ship and it’s been great having him home again. 

The next day the first-born turned 17, and the day after that he got home from camp.  My house is full again – just as it should be.

A few days later my baby turned 10 and my dentist man’s parent’s came up to visit for his birthday.  We turned around headed down to spend the weekend with them and meet up with some friends that we hadn’t seen in a long while. 

And after a 7 months at sea, my dentist man felt as though a vacation was in order.  Two days and one night at Great Wolf Lodge was just what we needed.  Absolutely wonderful time!

In the middle of all this, our cat decided to start peeing randomly on the carpet for some odd reason?  Granted, she’s 17 and has NEVER done anything wrong, but having my house smell like a cat toilet isn’t exactly something you let pass!  She’s got a vet appt. scheduled….

Even with the cat issues, the renters letting us know that they may be moving and attempting to get taxes done, my house is full – nothing can spoil my mood!


Coated in something November 27, 2011

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My coat is done *dancing a little jig* AND it looks great!

With the whole week off from school *another jig*, I was able to clip right along.  Well, except for that whole cooking for Thanksgiving thing.  But I didn’t let it hold me back too much – that’s what Thanksgiving morning is for right!

You got to see the inner workings last time, after which I was finally able to put the lining in.  The buttonholes are what really held me up however, and instead of machine holes that didn’t show up on this fabric, I did hand stitched buttonholes.


I really dislike buttonholes…


I put in an awesome looking inside welt pocket, for my cell phone or what not.



 The THREADS article I used to get this done suggests using silk organza to help turn the pocket, but since I’m a normal person and don’t have ANYTHING silk lying around, I used what I have plenty of; “recycled” dryer sheets.  Smells good and does the job!  Somewhere, there is a THREADS editor cringing…



And this is my final product –



THIS is a terrible picture of the pocket – It really does close all the way!
* Notice there is no close up of my buttonholes!


And now that, that’s done and I’m all warm and toasty, I can get started on Granny’s Christmas gift –



Mohair and silk with a bit of sparkle for a beautiful scarf.  I’m already on the 6th rep of a 13 rep pattern, so it should be done in plenty of time for Christmas.



*Now, for a safety warning.*



Who would have thought that hand sewing buttonholes could be so dangerous?  Well it can – and now you know why I dislike buttonholes… well at least part of the reason.  HA!




Kitty agree’s.  This whole sewing business is to darn dangerous and instead you should just take a nice, safe nap, preferably on something mom is working on.




I’ve done it! August 12, 2011

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It really feels good to have this room completed!  Or at least completed enough to sew something.  And who would have thought that after waking up this morning on a deflated bed I’d be so motivated!  Maybe I should let the air out of my bed more often?

When I found myself entirely to close to my cat this morning, I realized that I was also entirely to close to the boards under the air mattress.  Not sure if it was the cat, jumping up on the bed, that caused the puncture or the bed itself.  None-the-less, I’ll be spending my evening finding the hole in the bed tonight.  Maybe I’ll just stay up all night reveling over my new space – especially since I still have my room left to work on.  Bleh – I’m over putting the house together.

My new space –


The room is a lot smaller and closed off than I’m used to, but the fact that I still get my own room… all to myself – yeah, I’m not going to complain!  The family IS good to me – that or I scare them?  Hmm, might have to ask them about that?

I’m getting ready to hunt-down the patterns and fabric I started pulling together at the last house.  I’m giddy with anticipation at getting back to sewing!  I’m also almost finished with the sweater I’ve been working on for well, months – since I was waiting for two more skeins of yarn to show up.  I’m on the final sleeve now and then I’ll just have to sew it together. 

I ALSO got invited back to play soccer on the team I subbed (and injured myself) for.  I was truly surprised they wanted me back after hurting myself getting ON the field!  They’re losing 6 players – must be desperation.  They don’t start the new set of games until next month, so that gives me a whole month to get back to tip-top shape so I won’t re-injure myself.   Hopefully that also means the boys will get on teams now too.  I know I’D like them to burn off some energy… do you think I could sign them up for games EVERY day?  No, hmmm….

It’s all coming together – maybe I should leave the bed deflated?