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Time off for good behavior August 26, 2018



I am fully aware that it’s been a year.  I timed it that way actually.


This last year has been a doozy.  Crazy.  Exhausting.  Productive.  Frustrating.  Amazing.


I’ll just cover the instigator of my time off here though.  It was this time last year, that we began our process of selling “that house”.  The bane of my existence.  What kept me up at night, and crazy by day.

As of Nov. 15th, after three, very VERY long months, we had a sold house.


You would think we would be ready to shout it from the roof tops – party like crazy!  Instead, it felt more like a limp to the finish line where we fell over it instead of a victory lap.  Our victory lap instead came as a year long recovery.  Well, it may actually take a bit longer than that.

The process itself to sell it, was about as pleasant as it was to own it.  But the people who helped us were amazing – complete blessings!  They got us through it and it’s still kind of not real to us, even a year later.


But the year to follow has been an absolute whirlwind.  Seeing so many blessings come after the sale lifting us back up, has been the best part of the whole process.  From nearly no money left in the bank account the day of the sale and still needing bills covered – to the money coming in right on time.  And money to cover the actual completion of the renovations instead of our east coast money pit.  Yes, we’ve finally started.  A stove again.  Floors going in.  Sinks and tiles and faucets that we’ve been without.  It’s exhausting work, but it feels so good to finally see progress, and to walk on real floors again.


While this isn’t a long one, it is the beginning of being back.  Not totally sane, but back again.  With lots of craziness to share.  Pictures to post.  News to announce.  And creatures to show off.


So… thank you for your patience.  It paid off.  Let the stories begin…


Two down… May 23, 2016






Our second-born, also known as Michael, turned 18 today.  We wouldn’t dare say it’s been a breeze, because he was definitely our challenge.  The one where if it was going to go wrong, it went wrong… and yet, he still came out amazing!

From about the 5th month of pregnancy I knew something wasn’t right?  Born two weeks late but induced due to a slowing heart rate, he was literally pulled out by our midwife because his shoulders had become stuck.   He was already challenging us!  After delivery though, his little heart came back twice as strong.

He was quiet and strong.

After a couple of weeks with this perfect little bundle, his jaundice set in.  “Pumpkin” the nurses called him when we headed back to the hospital for the light therapy.  His bilirubin count was so high they nearly took him in an ambulance.  That’s when the quiet ended, but the strong didn’t.

For over four years this little man cried.  Cried like his fingers had been closed in a car door.  We went to doctor after doctor, all the while being told he was just fine, it was just who he was.  Four years of no sleep.  Four years of rashes everywhere.  Listening to screaming for the majority of the day.  Four years of having strangers whisper, or tell me straight to my face what a terrible parent I was because of his screaming.  Four years of not knowing how to fix his hurting.






But when he did stop, if only for an hour or so, he was so happy, and so beautiful.






After four years, we decided to take him to a therapist to see if they could help.  “Take him to a naturopath if the doctors won’t listen!”, he said.

Best advice ever!

Our son was allergic to several foods – corn, wheat (gluten) and dairy (casein).  All of his favorites of course!  After cutting those out, we were still left with a kid who only knew how to get angry, but could now at least function.  Four years of therapy to correct the damage that had been done and all the time lost, and some very caring church leaders, coaches, naturopaths, family and friends who stuck it out with us, he was a completely different kid.





Always challenging.  Always pushing.  Always trying something new.  I couldn’t imagine what life would have been like without him, his energy, his mischievous giggle from the other room and the lessons he brought with him.  Still strong, sometimes quiet.  Always a challenge.

Scary delivery, jaundice, food allergies, night terrors, stitches, multiple goose-eggs, Poison Ivy, two broken arms, and none of it slowed him down!


Michael 1


Yes, he still has his allergies, albeit less intense now.  Yes, he manages quite well with them.  Yes, it’s changed everything in our life, mostly for the better.  Not so much for out pocket book, but definitely for our bodies.  And I am thankful for that!







Our computer nerd through and through, he’s graduating high school with a certificate in Computer Technology, and is about to leave home for a new adventure.  I’m sure however, we’ll see him grocery shopping our pantry and finding his way home for the wash machine.  This strong willed, energetic, enthusiastic, kid is ready for the world… I hope it’s ready for him because he doesn’t knock down easily!








Moving on… January 1, 2015







Just as everyone else is posting their year-end post, I thought I should, in between firework displays, get my few words in as well.  (Short of my beginning of the year wifi crash.)


As I sit back and reflect, 2012/13 are still haunting us, no matter how hard we try to toss them away.  The flooding brought on side effects that will last us for forever I’m now thinking, as “that house” may follow us to our eternal resting place, probably still flooding.









The passing of our faithful companions, brought about two new ones this last year.  I’m still deciding if that’s a good thing or not?  Lady has definitely been good for us!  On the other hand, anyone want a pug that poops on their bed?

The cat, who turned 20 this month has decided on a few new places to curl up, so even she has a few new tricks up her furry sleeve to bring to the new year.











2014 brought about a new practice for my dentist man, albeit 4 hours away, but that just means I get to decorate a house AND an apartment – yay for me?!  It also makes for a good transition from him being on the ship, to him being home… constantly… for days at a time.  This is a good transition for us!






The boys have started finally making friends, and enjoying school (for the one who attends outside school).  Finding their place in our new place.  Which is good because they were starting to, you know, act a little weird – darn homeschoolers!  And the oldest, finding out what it’s like to be a “real” adult – can someone say *food budget and Mustang payment*!


And, as I’ve posted before, this last year brought about quite the challenge with our thieving, lying, crazy people who haunted me night and day.  That is one thing we can say about 2015 with certainty – at least they will be out of “that house”!  *see my happy, happy dance*






The biggest thing we’re taking away from 2014 and into 2015 is that God has carried us through this whole last year.  Days without work, paychecks that shouldn’t have carried us through, days where my body didn’t think it could make it.  Stress levels that made it so I could hear my heartbeat in my head (which I have been informed by my dentist man is not a good thing) and paperwork up to our eyeballs.


We’re still here.  We’re still strong.  We’re still able to help others out.  We’re still smiling.  We’re still full of faith.


While part of me is terrified of the new year and what new crazy things He has planned so that we can grow, a bigger part of me is excited to see what new things He has planned to bless us with.



So, bring it on 2015!



Two weeks time April 27, 2014

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It’s been a few weeks, but I haven’t forgotten anyone.  It’s just been those kinds of weeks.


Our biggest excitement has of course been the fact that through much scrimping and saving, we were able to pay off our Sandy repair loan early.  *happydance*  I really can’t tell you how good that feels and how much it saves us paying it off early!  Not to mention helping in mentally recovering.  Just in case you’re wondering what we’ll do with our extra cash – we’ll be exciting and start paying down the loan on “that house” so we can get it the heck out of our lives!


The rest of the time we’ve been working with “Dean-a-sore” as we like to call him; one of the rescues we got in January.  The big lug could barely walk when we got him and had several physical issues due to the meth-heads inability to care for another creature properly.  His head never formed properly, his joints were in terrible condition, he was “fixed” improperly among several other problems.  None-the-less that boy was pretty awesome!

A morning greeting of chattering teeth and a high-five for breakfast and anytime we came back from somewhere.  His run (if we can call it that) when we’d take him for a walk around the property, would have made even the most staunch pucker-butt giggle.

A week ago he stopped walking all together.  We took him in to see if there was anything else we could do and did one last-ditch effort in assisting his motor skills.  The rest of the week we picked up his nearly 200 lb body and assisted him in walking and “other task” to give him a fighting chance at recovery.  Nothing.  As of Friday, after enjoying his chocolate cake, Deany-boy was put to rest after showing no progress.  He’ll have no more pain, can run with the best of them and is getting more love than even we could give him.






We’re better people for knowing the big goof!  I’m glad we were able to give him a few months of the good life.


His sister has been searching for him through the house for the last few days and whimpering when she lays on her side of their bed.  Lady has never been without another dog before, so we’ve been giving her a lot of extra attention, including her first hike today.  3 miles – she loved it!  She also barely made it to the end.  We’ll have to do this more often to get her up to the 8 mile route.


And yes, if you’re counting, that’s 3 dogs in 15 months.  


My distraction, while choking back the tears, has been something I started at the last house.






I’ve done so many different attempts at this skirt, I’m surprised it’s still in one piece?  I’ve tried sewing in a casing for an elastic or ribbon band.  I cut them in half and tried sewing them down to the underskirt.  I tried the knotting technique that’s all over the internet.  None of them looked right?  I wanted maximum *POOF*!

I sat and looked at it the other night; Tupperware cup of wine in hand, hulu in the background.  Bingo – work began!  I finally got it the way I wanted it and finished.

Tonight I finished up the underskirt (because flashing your tights-covered keester is not cool!).

Tomorrow I’ll  start on finishing the corseted top.  I’m thinking beading.  Sparkly beading!


…. with Lady’s assistance of course.






In the end, we’re feeling good.  A loan paid off.  A dog given a happy ending.  A project restarted.


It’s amazing what can happen in two weeks!





To the rescue! January 4, 2014

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We went over the river, through the woods…. and climbed a large mountain range to rescue our two new fur-babies.


Meet ~






and Dean

Both rescued from the same meth house, along with two other English Mastiffs who have been homed with other families.  Dean however *needs* Lady.  He doesn’t do well without her, so they were a package deal; which is what made me fall in love with them!

How can we resist such a love story?

Lady has had far too many litters and Dean was neutered wrong and too early.  Neither were properly taken care of and have a lot of health issues.  Who knows what they’ve been through or have seen at that house!  Both are in major need of some serious love – something they will find in ample amounts in this house.  They’ll be spoiled, loved, walked, snuggled, talked to and finally, after far too long, taken to the vet.

And somehow, through all this, they’re both the kindest, gentlest beasts you could ever hope to meet – how people could treat them this way is a mystery to me, but we get the awesome task of showing them just how great life can really be.


The cat however is less than pleased – she thought we finally bought her a bed fit for the queen she thinks she is!