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…. on a side note. January 16, 2016






I was cleaning this week for when my dentist man got home.  I do that on occasion.  Usually about the time he comes home actually?  We have well water which I love.  Great for your body, all those yummy minerals, not so much for your teeth (no fluoride).  The extremely hard water we have leaves its mark on everything it touches.  The more it touches it though, the more of a mark it leaves.  So I though some CLR would do the job.






The second-born and I went to the store and looked at all the choices they now offer.  “Ooh – a convenient spray bottle version! Nice!”  Grabbing the bottle to make sure it’s ok on septic tanks (country living has its ups and downs) – it was!  I turn the bottle around to see…






Que eye-roll from said son.


Ummmm… Why would I care?


Actually, I’m a little offended by this.   And the company should be a bit embarrassed.

Can it not succeed on it’s own merits?

Does the product work so poorly that it felt the need to try to pull in people by the mere fact that the people running the company have different genitalia than other companies, and for that sole reason, you should by their product specifically?

Do they not believe in the equality of every human being, so as to not need to a descriptor?

Is it sexistly implying that because it’s women who run the company, and thus the people who usually do the cleaning, know that this product must work, because that’s all they know?

Or are they implying that men just aren’t smart enough to know what works in your home?



Ok, I’m partially tongue-in-cheek here.  While I get what they were going for here, this isn’t the 1950’s anymore.  We’ve come far enough that we shouldn’t be all that excited by a “Women owned company”.  I completely understand the importance it would have made 50 – 100 years ago when we were still fighting to just have our own bank accounts and leave the house without permission.  I would have been one of the first to snap it up!  But thanks to all of those women (and men) who fought to make sure anyone could be the owner of a company, this should no longer be necessary.  They would probably be a bit angry that what they fought for, has now been reduced to a marketing ploy.  I want to know that the products works, no matter who owns it.  Black, white, purple, green, male or female, from the planet Neptune – if your product works, I’ll use it.  Which is in fact, what people who fought for equality’s whole point was.  We’re equal, move on.



The CLR didn’t work btw.


You know what did work?  Something that people have been using for a while now.  Citrus.  We have lime tree in the house and I thought I’d give it a shot after doing some reading on the nets.  I put some baking soda down and scrubbed it with the lime half.  Beautiful!

As for the toilet ring. I tried the CLR – nothing.  Tried a pumice stone and razor blade, still nothing.   Citric acid (you can buy it on Amazon.)  Flushed the toilet before bed to wet the sides, sprinkled it on and went to bed.  When I got up in the morning, the ring was half the size.  Did it again the next night, and it’s barely there.  Also not “women owned”, or if it was, they were confident enough in the product alone that they didn’t need to announce it.



If I’m not using it on a part that only you can specifically relate to, it doesn’t need to be said.  So unless I’m supposed to use the CLR on my lady bits, it doesn’t need to be on the label.










All boxed in July 16, 2013






Hold on…. let me move this box over so I can see you better.


Well, it’s official – my dentist man is a civilian doc now, except for his one weekend a month and two weeks a year for reserve duty.  He’ll actually be losing money to do his reserve time, but between the better health insurance rate and his sense of duty, we figured it was still the better choice, even though the massive budget cuts make it less than a desirable choice for practitioners.  So he’ll be heading off this week to start at the new practice.


We do get one last move from the military and while we’re still trying to get through the loan process (USAA is very difficult to get a loan with), we still have to leave this house at a certain point.  So the packers came, packed, boxed, bundled and left.  And so went 99.9% of our possessions. 






For two weeks we’ll be sitting here…… 






We’re so bored.


Every 1-4 years (or about’s there), a military family packs up their entire life, leaves friends, sometimes family (as we will this move) and heads to their next place.  Some of you may have moved before…. picture that every few years.  Picking what’s worth moving again and what should be pitched or given away.  Some moves, like our last one where we were only there for 9 months, you have to decide if it’s even worth unpacking.  It wasn’t.  (Oh the craziness of watching packers unpack and repack boxes that were never opened!)






For the life of me I can’t figure out why it’s more tiring to have movers than to just do it myself (which I’ve done before)?  I stand and watch, answer questions, point and assist in various ways and that’s it… and by the end of the day I feel like I ran a marathon?  Every “mover” move it’s the same?


The first-born has flown the coup and is now out on his own, with the confidence that we’re only a few hours away, bank accounts are still connected for emergencies and more than a handful of loving friends offering free food and a room if needed.  Had we known we’d see him more these last two weeks than we saw him all of last year, we would have moved him out sooner!  And in spite of differing comments from various people to the fact that we’re “kicking him out”, “ditching him”, or “abandoning him”, there was no such action and the lad is 18 – seriously people – let me cut the apron strings!  I homeschooled and was told I was a “helicopter parent”; let him out of the house at 18 and we’re uncaring parents – go figure.  None-the-less, we’re all happy with the situation, including his brothers who had a small farewell ceremony and a good argument over who got his spots.


New renters in “that house” to top it all off!  This in spite of the various odd inspection requests from differing agencies!  How did we all survive in that house with deck spindles 1/2″ too far apart – I know how dangerous 3 inches can be!  I have a great feeling about these renters though – which is a good feeling to have.


And although I discovered that I accidentally let my current knitting project get packed, I did manage to save a few other skeins to hopefully keep me from getting stir crazy between paint touch-ups, hole filling and wall scrubbing (6 months post dogs and I’m still finding “slingers”).


So while I sit here and watch “Spongebob” for the 100th time since all we have left is internet and teach the boys how to cook Top Ramen old school style – on the stove, using our “moving pan”, I’ll do my best to enjoy the beautiful weather we’re having before we head off in two weeks to the house we still don’t have… to open up all the boxes that just left us.





sew, knit, pray. December 1, 2012

…. maybe not in that order.


As I was sitting and knitting a gift at my youngest’s soccer practice, I was talking with one of the other mothers and mentioned “Wow this has been a REALLY long week!”  She looked at me strangely and that’s when I realized it was only Monday – never a good sign!


While the rest of the week flew by in a flurry of loan signing for the work that needs to be done on “that house” and getting the contractor started from 3500 miles away.  Friday seemed to sneak up on me in a rather rude way with my dentist man making some new decisions for our future and the old lady dog getting a bladder infection and leaving me wet presents all over the house.  I love my carpet cleaner!!


Thank goodness for Christmas music, projects and little boys!


Through the week I finished up several projects and started a few new ones.  My second born’s “Broken Arm Blanket” is mostly finished.  All I need to do is sew in the tails, but I’m reserving that for the last appointment.  I had the first row started the night I got the call.  Knitted it through every surgery and appointment.  It’s WAY to big, but the boys love it, it looks great and it’s actually pretty soft for acrylic.






Granny’s scarf; not only is this scarf in pink (bleck), but it was the first time I had worked in lace….. i officially hate lace now.  But it does look pretty, and that’s all that matters right?  *Never mind the bruises on my forehead from smacking it into the desk in frustration*






I also finished my MIL’s scarf.  I’m not as pleased with this merely for the fact that when I soaked it, most of the yellow came out making it less green and more grey.  She loves green and that was the point of the scarf!  But she’ll love the silk anyway – she’s good like that.  It did turn out nicely though.  (Is it just me, or does the pattern in the main part look like a super hero mask?)






Something a bit festive – it should be done in time for next Christmas!






I also have another large knitted gift in the works – but those folks read my blog and I don’t want them seeing it before they get it…. which will most likely be after Christmas, as usual.  I’ll post that gift after it’s sent to them!  *grin*


I also started the churches Christmas costumes this week.  This year I have help sewing them though, so hopefully I’m still sane by the time Christmas actually comes around.  I’ve already threatened the set/costume director that I’d get “stabby” if she kept adding costumes on this year – good thing she knows I like her and only get “stabby” with people who don’t bring me coffee!




I have some “help”.



On my third attempt to send of my dentist man’s gifts… I’ll be attempting again on Monday.  So not my week!






As for our rapidly approaching new future, I’ll be praying more on that.  My heart isn’t truly happy with how it’s coming out, but sometimes my heart lies and my head has to give it a good beating.



heart snow




(Get it… heart… beating… snicker)



This is what happen’s when your house tries to swim November 9, 2012


With the elections over and me, not feeling so great about the outcome (oh, like you didn’t know I was conservative) and all that was going on with “that house”, I was feeling a bit, well, twitchy.





But a bit of perspective on the elections and my place in it, has certainly helped – oddly enough it came from my boys too.  Sometimes they can be so smart!


I suppose the massage I got didn’t hurt either?


I also started getting pictures from “that house” – it ‘ain’t pretty, but it could have been worse!



A neighbor’s house.



We’re going to get a new kitchen out of it, including a dishwasher this time – which it seriously needed!  We’re putting in a half bath, which it also seriously needed.  Six people and one bath ….. yeah, that was a long 3 years.  And a new hvac system.  Gone are the radiators – in with an actual heating and cooling system!





Our renters year old couch – with a little something extra.




Along with the girls “seemingly” healthy and our future plans for next few years starting to come together, a long deep breath and a little perspective goes a long way!


While I’m anxiously waiting to see how it comes out, it’s time to finish up Christmas gifts, Christmas packages that need to be sent to my dentist man and plans for the holidays.  I can’t do much from here, for over there, so I might as well stay out of their hair and just send the checks.


I should have some good-looking knits to post next week and a few new sewing projects coming up.


I would just hope that the house tries to stay out of the ocean for a while!




Every house a home April 20, 2012


I have a mission – just as my dentist man has his “missions” (pertaining to teeth – yeah, not all that exciting) at each duty station, I have my mission at each house.  To make every house our home…. every time we move.





This doesn’t sound all that difficult on the surface really.  You put your stuff in it and there ya go.  Which was fine when the boys were all under 7 and I had just enough time in my day to get a load of laundry in and no one really cared what the furniture looked like – I was just happy the puke was cleaned off!



Those days are long gone and it’s time we actually decorated.  And for the most part we have and it’s looking really good!  That is – in the living room!  That leaves how many other rooms to make usable and nice looking?  I will admit, my sewing room is “decorated” (read: made usable) but that’s only because I’m the only one that uses it… sort of?










My biggest concern at this point is the boys’ play/rec room.  I don’t really care what their bedroom looks like, they’re starting to move out as of next year, so things will be changing anyway in there.  What I’m trying to do is collect the clutter that well, collects in there, just like every other parent.  The difference here is we have to move it in a year and every few years after that!  So anything I buy I have to look at the weight, extra durability (to not only make it through the boys, but the movers – *dun, dun, dunnn*). 





When I look up idea’s on decorating rec rooms, they tend to be over the top, which is fine,  it’s just for idea’s – but none of the idea’s are really portable.  Even painting is really out of the question since you have to paint it back in just a few months.  Not worth my time or money! 













They don’t have “a lot” of things in there, but what they do have tends to collect in the corners.  And nobody but the boys really want to go in there because it looks like…. well, their room – which means their game system has moved to my living room for friends to enjoy.  *I am not enjoying that so much!*

What I’m looking for is a spot for them to hang out downstairs (at least at this house) and have ample storage, for minimum weight. 

Oh and it has to be able to fit through every door imaginable!

East coast houses have extremely low door jams, which ment that while we lived at “that house” we slept on a mattress on the floor for 4 years because the box spring couldn’t make it and we were too cheap to buy a new bed frame.  It worked – so glad we have one now though!  (No box spring this time – I thought ahead)  So nothing over 5 1/5 feet!

So light weight, breakdownable (yes, I just invented a new word!) and durable.  BAHAHA!

Yeah, *I* don’t even believe that possible!




I’ll keep you updated…….