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Simplicity February 25, 2017



(If you’re not a faithful person… stick with me here.)






In Genesis 2:15, as I read it, God is telling Adam that He has given him a great gift. A gift that he is to take care of.


“ The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. “


God gave Adam, Eden, along with all the animals in it with the great command of taking care of it.

Easy in a sinless world.

And then our sin came along, us deciding we know better than God, the creator of our environment. Once we decided to live contrary to how we were supposed to naturally live, we had to make unfortunate sacrifices. Taking the lives of plants and animals to live, being a major one. But having an impact on the environment around us, being another big one… among many others.


“I have a hard time with the idea of the K cups. All that waste?” I mentioned.

“I don’t!” a fellow Christian neighbor exclaimed. “Like an elderly southern-woman once told me ‘I throw it in the dump, like the good Lord intended!’”


I was a bit taken back by the last part of that comment. “Like the Lord intended.”?  I get people who say “The Lord will take care of us.” That’s trusting in Him at least. Or even “I don’t worship the Earth!” from fellow Christians. True and wise. But “As the Lord intended.”?

Let’s start at the basics of this. The Lord never intended us to “need” caffeine. He never intended us to “need” a machine to make the coffee to get to that caffeine. He never intended for us to work hard at all!

Our garbage and excess, is a symptom of our sin. Call it a T(ransmitted) D(isease) of our day to day busyness and having to work after we messed up. He never intended for dumps to be necessary. He would take care of our every need, with no excess. And while He still takes care of us, our sinful needs brought with it baggage.

All things I am guilty of myself.

I have always been a bit “earthy”. Growing up part time on my dads small farm, your life depends on the land itself. On the animals you take care of. How you and your neighbors take care of what they were given. There was a cost to what you put on your hay, to what you feed your animals, the practices you use to farm. When I would go back to the town my mother lived in, I would take those idea’s back with me.

Many of my fellow Christians have a hard time with this. “It sounds like worshiping the Earth, instead of the Lord.” Which is the furthest from the truth – I want to honor what God has given me. Is it a commandment? Well no. But neither is the advice not to abuse your kids. God has given them to you, so you wouldn’t dream (I hope) of beating them. But the place He gave you to live is perfectly fine to abuse?

Jesus’ command of loving your neighbor would be a perfect example of this. Would you want your neighbor damaging his property so much that yours is damaged?  So why would you leave a bunch of garbage behind for them to clean up? Or for your children to clean up, they are after all, your neighboring generation.

So how should we live then in this sin-filled world, with this in mind?




Talking with several customers, I realized that a lot of people are trying to eat healthier, to take care of themselves more, get back to basics and live better. A lot of them were driving themselves crazy in this attempt though. I had to point out several times that while I applaud and encourage this, they have to balance that with not killing themselves in their venture. “Are you making your life miserable, by trying to make your life better?”  I found that with this small amount of permission, a lot of people became more comfortable with their attempt. Baby steps. After all, Jesus was more about the heart, than the law.

People should always come first – we are the whole reason for all of this anyways. But if we’re sick, and our home is sick, we can’t take care of the people around us.

All this encouraged me to get back to even more simplicity in life, now that I’m back home full time.  Having the craziness of “that house” dragging us down – the extra baggage that we don’t need – I know first hand what carrying garbage means.

With this in mind, every so often, when I find something that I think may be useful in this attempt, I’ll post about it under “Simplicity”. Something that helps eliminate waste, or a healthier choice by just doing less, making a small change or making life a little simpler – I want to share it. Cooking, cleaning, sewing, renovating or even moving.  Living simple should touch your whole life.  And a side benefit to living this way – it tends to be budget friendly. (Listed this way, you can also skip it, if it’s of little interest to you.  I’m not here to beat anyone over the head with this, but encourage.)  If you’ve got something to suggest – please let me know!  I would love to hear how you are living a simpler, cleaner life.


Deep breaths. Prayer (or meditation) and bible (or book) time. Healthy living. Simplicity. And life’s garbage – gone.


We were intended to live a clean life, with no garbage, inside and out. To use what we were given, including our lives, to the fullest. We can’t do that with garbage around us, or in us.










Stepping out August 1, 2012

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(My apologies in advance – I don’t normally do politics, but this really got-my-goat)





I may be out on a limb here and if you disagree that’s fine.  That’s actually more what this post is about that anything else.


Here in the US a company named Chic-Fil-A is being stormed by people who support or strongly dislike the company for something it’s owner said about his private views on marriage. 

This isn’t an uncommon theme lately. 

Everyday I get a barrage of FB updates telling me which company to support or not support for some reason or another.  I get it, you have an opinion.  I whole heartily support your right to spend your money where it suits you best.  I completely agree that if a company does something you dislike you have every right to not shop there.  I do the same thing.

  • Guns/No guns
  • SSM/Traditional
  • Choice/Life
  • Faith/No Faith
  • Muslim/Anti Muslim
  • Mil/Non Mil

Where my agreement with this ends is when large groups or the government try to step in and tell the company that they may not have that opinion or face possible removal.  Or in this case, a private citizen who happens to own a large business.

If you don’t like a business – don’t shop there.  There are 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s of other business that will accommodate you happily.


The same goes with clubs.  Why would you ask to join if they don’t share the same values as you?  To change them?  Then they’d no longer be the group you wanted to join in the first place.  Find a club that suits you better and leave the other clubs to their own business.


In Georgia recently the KKK asked to buy into the “Adopt a Highway” program.  While I completely disagree with their standing, they have every right to exist under free speech (as long as it’s only speech) and to buy that section.  (Granted I’d be very tempted to keep dumping my garbage on that stretch!)


Just because we don’t agree with someone, does not mean we should silence them.  I dislike a lot of idea’s – but unless someone is actually getting harmed (*Cough* KKK) then they have every right to exist.  Not only exist, but to speak freely.


The bakery who chose not to cater to a SS couple.  Why would you want that business to make your cake anyway – wouldn’t you want someone who shared your passion?  Leave them to the people who agree with them and take your money somewhere else. 

Companies should have the right to say “No Thank You” to people they disagree with also, even if it costs them.

I’ve been turned away – I didn’t turn it into a huge situation.  I spent my money elsewhere.  End of story!


At some point-in-time it will end up being your opinion that some large group or the government doesn’t agree with.  What then?


I will be joining others on the 1’st in supporting Chick-Fil-A.  Not because I like their food (I’m not partial to it actually) and not because of an opinion for or against what their owner had as a private citizen.  I’ll be supporting them because we are supposed to have the right to freedom of speech, even if it IS slowly getting chipped away…..