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Stepping out August 1, 2012

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(My apologies in advance – I don’t normally do politics, but this really got-my-goat)





I may be out on a limb here and if you disagree that’s fine.  That’s actually more what this post is about that anything else.


Here in the US a company named Chic-Fil-A is being stormed by people who support or strongly dislike the company for something it’s owner said about his private views on marriage. 

This isn’t an uncommon theme lately. 

Everyday I get a barrage of FB updates telling me which company to support or not support for some reason or another.  I get it, you have an opinion.  I whole heartily support your right to spend your money where it suits you best.  I completely agree that if a company does something you dislike you have every right to not shop there.  I do the same thing.

  • Guns/No guns
  • SSM/Traditional
  • Choice/Life
  • Faith/No Faith
  • Muslim/Anti Muslim
  • Mil/Non Mil

Where my agreement with this ends is when large groups or the government try to step in and tell the company that they may not have that opinion or face possible removal.  Or in this case, a private citizen who happens to own a large business.

If you don’t like a business – don’t shop there.  There are 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s of other business that will accommodate you happily.


The same goes with clubs.  Why would you ask to join if they don’t share the same values as you?  To change them?  Then they’d no longer be the group you wanted to join in the first place.  Find a club that suits you better and leave the other clubs to their own business.


In Georgia recently the KKK asked to buy into the “Adopt a Highway” program.  While I completely disagree with their standing, they have every right to exist under free speech (as long as it’s only speech) and to buy that section.  (Granted I’d be very tempted to keep dumping my garbage on that stretch!)


Just because we don’t agree with someone, does not mean we should silence them.  I dislike a lot of idea’s – but unless someone is actually getting harmed (*Cough* KKK) then they have every right to exist.  Not only exist, but to speak freely.


The bakery who chose not to cater to a SS couple.  Why would you want that business to make your cake anyway – wouldn’t you want someone who shared your passion?  Leave them to the people who agree with them and take your money somewhere else. 

Companies should have the right to say “No Thank You” to people they disagree with also, even if it costs them.

I’ve been turned away – I didn’t turn it into a huge situation.  I spent my money elsewhere.  End of story!


At some point-in-time it will end up being your opinion that some large group or the government doesn’t agree with.  What then?


I will be joining others on the 1’st in supporting Chick-Fil-A.  Not because I like their food (I’m not partial to it actually) and not because of an opinion for or against what their owner had as a private citizen.  I’ll be supporting them because we are supposed to have the right to freedom of speech, even if it IS slowly getting chipped away…..


A little of this July 7, 2012


…. a little of that.





With so much going on, I was having a hard time getting my thoughts straight on what exactly I wanted to talk about.

I could always fill you in on the 101 things I’ve got to get done before tomorrow or the world will end as we know it, but instead I’ll just throw out a few of the high points.


As my dentist man was sailing off into the sea, the first-born had made it back safely from his mission trip.  In spite of wild fires, power and water outages, and extreme heat, they managed to get the houses painted and fixed up for the folks on the indian reservation.  In between meeting new people (read: girls), seeing a section of the country he actually hasn’t seen yet (that he remembers) and a day off at a hotel to wait out an evacuation order – hearts were changed. 

He came back with some great stories of new friendships, teenage drama’s and maybe a few new followers. 


He also came back bearing gifts for us all!  Tea for his tea loving dental dad, a new pocket knife for his brother who can’t eat anything and chocolate “bear and deer poop” for his two youngest brothers. 


And what does he get his mother while on a mission trip?




No worries; This was paid for, stored, transported and delivered by an adult.  The son just thought of me when he saw it and shelled out the money – HA!


He cracks me up!


While he’s been catching up on his sleep and attempting to remove paint from his hair, I’ve been working on a costume for VBS.  It’s a robot – can’t you tell?




For the wrists and neckline.












I was given the skirt and shirt that were bought from Goodwill to make into a “Rosie” type costume from the Jetsons.  (I wish I would have taken before shots.)  It will be worn over one of these creepy things –







Can’t wait to get photos!


And topping that off; the youngest is nursing his manly wound from our celebrations on the fourth.  Our neighbors across the street have an awesome Independence Day show.  You know – nothing says Independence from tyranny like drinking heavily, eating too much and lighting things on fire!!   While we have a few big ones, they have ones that make your hair blow back!  This year they had a few rounds of beer pong to get lit-up before they lit things up. 

After several odd rounds going into trees, under cars and one even blowing up before it launched.  What ended it all was one of the mortars getting kicked over while the lighter attempted to stumble away before it had time to launch into the air.  It shot straight at our house, with all of us in the driveway.  Not only did it end up in our garage, under our cars, in our grass and on us, but it caught the youngest on slightly on fire!  After ripping his shirt off of him, this is his manly “war wound”.   (While I don’t think the situation itself was funny, we did at least walk away relatively unharmed and he’ll have a great story to tell!)

His oldest brother and I are teaching him the manly art of “embellishment”.  By the time dad comes home he’ll have been “Totally on fire!  Having saved the whole family from total destruction, he’ll have put the house fire out completely alone – and all he got were these measly… little… scars!”  He’s showing them off to everyone and I can’t get the shirt with the hole in it away from him.  HAHAHA!





He says he can hardly wait for next year!




Since that is over and done with I can move on to the other 98 things that have to be done before tomorrow.  I don’t want to ruin everyone’s day by ending the world after all!





Remembering…. May 28, 2012

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It’s Memorial day – a day for picnic’s, family and friends.  Maybe a day at the lake, camping or good shopping.






For a lot of people it’s a day to remember those who’ve been lost, even if not personally.







It doesn’t matter if you agree with this war or any war.  Even you don’t believe in it  – war still happens and these men and women still choose to defend.


I won’t be asking anyone to go and find a military burial site or hunt down a veteran, I’ll just ask that you take a moment today to remember why you have the day off or get paid extra.  If you don’t get either, just take a moment anyway –





– some of us get the reminder everyday.






Thank you to all who’ve given up so much!


Freedom, seen from 1948 September 27, 2011

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This isn’t a normal post for me, but I thought this was such a good little cartoon, that I had to pass it along.  It’s about 9 minutes, so get a cup of tea and sit back.  Very cute, and very relevant even or more so today.


From the National Juggernaut


Whether you agree with the other statements on the site or not – this cartoon is a good eye opener for today.