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Just call me Debby Downer November 2, 2012

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Manhattan dark – it’s very eery!



Not to sound like a complainer, Debby as we know her, but this has been a pretty crappy few months!

Why do I say this… again.  We are now the lucky owners of a soggy house on the east coast.





This is a house in a neighboring town – this is pretty much what our town looks like.





You’re jealous I know it!


I refuse to stop there though –

WE are one of the lucky few from the little town “that house” is in.  “That house” survived.  Not that we really wanted it to, but there are people who actually like their houses, live in them and lost *everything*!  We have friends who lost entire business’, houses and cars.




A friends bakery. They will not be reopening.

One of our favorite restaurants/bars to knit at. They will be reopening.




















I am very thankful that no one I know passed away from Sandy – the wench!


On top of this, our great new renters who hadn’t even gotten the chance to unpack yet, have been so incredibly wonderful about the whole thing.  Why shouldn’t they be you ask, since it’s not really our fault?  This is the second time this year they’ve lost everything due to an east coast storm.  And they’re still so chipper about it!


I have to admit, that really helps my mood, not to mention my stress level.


I don’t have pictures yet of the mess that was left at “that house”, but I’ve been told by several people already what’s there.  While my dentist man and I are hoping it get’s knocked down and rebuilt or bought out, I think the best we can hope for is a new first floor.  Water made it at least 3 feet up our walls, of an already raised house.  7  1/2 feet of water is what I’ve been told.   Plus a tree that took out our fences, shed and deck.


But again, we’re one of the lucky ones!  I’ve seen pictures of houses completely collapsed and these are homes people loved!


So, while we’re feeling the sting of yet another kick in the pants, our hearts really go out to our friends and “neighbors” who were truly hit hard by this.



Nearby town.



So hopefully I won’t need to keep the nick-name Debby.  Maybe just Deb, since I’m still holding out hope for the upcoming year.


For now I’m taking this as life experience –



I'll post pic's of our actual house and more of the town once they come through.  
Some photo's by Mark Vetrini; all others are uknown.

MIA August 2, 2012

I usually write on Friday night, but with recent events and up coming happenings, that just wasn’t possible. 

There has been a lot going on causing me to be MIA on here.  Deck painting, camps, breaks, deployment homecoming and deployment readiness *sigh*, a new costume and sign ups for everything from college for my now senior, tutoring for my now freshman and soccer for all four.


My dentist man has been home a full week and a half now after his month cruise and has about the same amount of time left before he leaves for the long cruise again.  Sometimes at night I still reach over thinking he’s gone and smack him on accident forgetting.  After a few weeks of that, he may want his bunk back! 

We’re getting things ready again; extra socks, skivies, gum – things he can’t easily pick up on the ship.  Paperwork in, done and signed.  Check, check and recheck.

It was awfully nice of him to visit!

My two oldest went off to camp last Sunday; it was the first for our second-born.  On the second night of his first camp ~
























17 years we managed to make it without any broken bones; stitches yes, bones no.  As he saw me walk into the emergency room, he was scared to death we were going to be upset – upset?  I was just so happy to see him looking otherwise healthy and seemingly fine?  No crying, he was even joking around?  “Mom – I got to ride in an ambulance!  It was cool!”  He asked the doc if he could go back to camp with his soft cast on and she o.k.’d it as long as he didn’t do much; they can’t reset his arm until the swelling goes down anyway and “He can be bored and in pain at home, or he can be entertained and in pain at camp.  And there they have a trained nurse!”  With a heavy heart, I sent him off with a still broken arm in a soft cast, his youth group leader and his older brother and haven’t gotten any sleep since!  

I can hardly wait for them both to get home tomorrow!

I was so proud of my oldest too.  He came with his brother to the hospital, sat there for hours, bought him some candy while he was sitting there waiting and took great care of him.  I just couldn’t be any prouder of him at that moment!

In one night, my second-born changed from kid who would cry over a stubbed toe, to a young man who could hold-his-own and my oldest turned into a man who I’m confident in letting go of next year.

See – you really do learn from camp!


I got a call earlier this week that our renters will be leaving us.  I expected this since they had lost their job earlier and the rent had been coming in later and later.  I don’t blame them, I think it was a wiser choice to move to something they could afford better.  But as they are preparing to leave, I had discovered that they had completely let the yard go.  (I’m a bit nervous to see the inside of the house now?)  So, we now have yard maintainance people.  With everything that has gone wrong with “that house” I think we are keeping the economy of that state alive!


But on our end, I have finally finished the deck!  I’m very proud of this moment – even more so now that I know that the homeowners like it.  Not to mention my dentist man says it looks great!




Before (that would be my oldest “helping” me move the furniture off the deck)


After (that would be the big dogs “monster”)



















I was a bit worried about the color?  I was expecting Cedar… you know, red.  Not orange!  But as it usually goes with me, it turned up orange.  I like orange, but not quite that much?  It does look and feel good though!


This weekend with 3 of the 4 boys in tow, we’ll be heading down to visit my dentist man’s folks and a few of our friends before he heads out again, leaving the oldest behind to watch the girls (of the four-legged kind) and get back to work.  We’ll be bringing along one broken boy and two wild monkeys.


As for sewing, since I can’t paint the deck or grind stumps at night (neighbors usually frown on chainsaw use after dark) I’ve been sewing a lot.  Most of which is boring shirts, but lovely knits!  A friend of my oldest asked me if I could make her costume for Fall Harvest (Halloween) and I jumped at the chance! 



It’s royal purple – I swear! (Well I don’t , but I really do mean it!)



Steampunk is now available at Simplicity – who would have thought?  I’m having a great time so far, even though I’m only in the early stages.  Picking out the fabric was a bit of a challenge, they either had the right color, but not enough or they had enough, in ugly colors – finally I found the right color and someone had opened the box with a box cutter, slashing several yards of the fabric!!!!  *GASP!*  After the cutting clerk talked me back down and we put our heads together and figured out how to fix the problem.  With 13 yards of purple Taffeta, I went home happy and now have a new project for my evenings while my dentist man takes his next cruise.


I know – that was a lot to throw out there at once!  Now you know how I feel; that’s one doozy of a week!  I’m just so glad that, even for just a few weeks, I’ll have everyone safe and under my roof… especially with one of their wings is broken.





Wait, What?! July 14, 2012

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I’ve been super busy lately.  Ok, I’m always pretty busy, but this time I’ve purposely been making myself busy. 





My dentist man has been gone and while this isn’t unusual in our house, his higher-ups had been hinting that there would be some big news coming down the line.  Big indeed!  While out to sea, most likely so they couldn’t escape, they informed the whole ship that they’d be the lucky recipients of another long cruise…. and then proceeded to soothe them by feeding them like kings!  I think my dentist man mentioned something about steak and crab legs?  Where’s my dinner?




Oh wait…. sorry –






In lieu of grouching and cursing, I started to redo the homeowners deck.  What?  Isn’t that what your renters do?  I could sit and sew or knit or read all day since the boys are out of school for the year, but then I’d go to bed all frustrated… and lonely.  Instead I go to bed exhausted, sore and a bit burnt, but I fall right to sleep! 





And since I can’t sand when it’s dark, I have been attempting to work on a few new sewing projects now that my robot is done, (and she looked very cute by-the-way) in my evenings. 

I have also discovered a new toy I want.  Ssshhhh – don’t tell my dentist man, he’ll just say no!





When the whole project is complete I’ll share the photo’s; it’s pretty drastic! 

I also have some walls to paint from where the last renters put a few holes in and tried to patch over them, but left a giant white patches on a bright red wall, tan wall and brown wall instead?  The poor homeowners!


This morning I woke to a huge thunder-storm, very unusual for this area, which kept me from my deck project so instead I actually folded laundry.  My dentist man popped up for a few minutes of FB and heard that I was actually taking this drastic step and *knew* I was missing him.  Now, if I could just bring myself to put it all away?





Now how to distract myself at his family reunion next week when I get asked about my dentist man many times over by curious, well-meaning loved ones?







To brighten my day… month? Season! April 6, 2012

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I got a bit of money recently as a gift – they know me so well.  They knew exactly where I was headed too – straight to the fabric store!






After about 4 hours… yes, I said 4 hours of fabric shopping, I finally made it back home.  My family thought I had abandoned them; while the thought had crossed my mind as I was walking the isles, I decided I might miss them after a few years.  So back I went with my newly acquired stash – very pleased with myself. 




Did I mention I hit the yarn store on the way to the fabric store?







I must admit, the weather here is making me a bit of a curmudgeon.  Constantly grey, never warm and always wet.  What do you sew for weather like that?  Sad part is – I used to love this weather and thought I’d never want to leave!  So my strategy was to just buy fabric and figure out what I was going to do with it later.  Bright colors, happy colors, colors that would make even grey, wet, depressing days exciting!



Got any idea's - other than a cat bed?



















I’ve also been discussing with my dentist man that we need a new duvet cover.  After 17 years, it’s time!  Granted, it’s a walk through memory lane whenever I see it.  “That’s when the first-born got sick that year.”  “That’s when you had the flu.”  “That’s when we had the second-born.”  Yeah, even he agreed it was definitely time to change it out!


Our discussion was along the lines of ~

Me: “Hey Dad – what kind of fabric do you want?  I don’t want it to be too girly for you?” 

Dentist Man:  “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem with you Dear?  Nothing too busy, no orange and something that hides drool.”  (From the dog – goofball’s!)

Me: “Ok, that should be easy enough!”


Yeah, 4 hours later…..  This is what I ended up with –


Exciting - I know! Even more sad? It's the same thing as we had before!



My dentist man is out to sea again, so that gives me a bit to get that done.  Did I mention the boys all asked me what trouble we were getting into as we watched the ship float away?  That’s my boys!

The sun has been creeping out a bit more lately (does once a month count?) and it only freezes about once a week now.  I think I see a break in my disposition, maybe the bright fabric will help?  That and dreaming of our next duty station – Guam’s looking really good!  *Wink*







Happy Passover/Good Friday and Easter to you’all!