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Moving on…. May 5, 2013







I have been ignoring you…. could you tell?  Don’t take it personal, it’s for a good reason I swear!


With my dentist man being home, it’s been a whirl-wind of activities.  Visiting friends and family all last week.  This weekend “that house” is getting its final touches, we went out to the “dry side” and checked out a few homes and the place he’ll be practicing.



cle elum



And what a perfect week to do it too – it’s been gorgeous!  I mean really  – it’s never like this?  Nearly 90* in May?  Sorry mid-west, we stole your sunshine.  We’ll give it back, I promise… maybe.


We left the oldest two home, since they have a life and all.  I felt like I was forgetting something the whole time?  But the younger two enjoyed their time “alone”.


It’s a very strange feeling to be looking for what’s supposed to be your final home?  It just seems so…. final?  I’m so not used to this concept and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.  How do you look around a town and think “Yup, these are the same faces I want to see for the next 60 years”?


To relieve some of my anxiety we are getting land though.  My time with neighbor’s is done!  I know, that seems a bit harsh, but let’s admit here and now that we haven’t had the best track record the last few years them?  Not to mention, it saves my neighbors from having to deal with me!






While it’s not my first choice of places to live, it is dry – dry is the key word here.  I can’t take anymore rain and the “dry side” has four distinct season.  I do love a good reason to knit and snow does that for you!  And I’ll be the first one to admit that I’ve thought I wouldn’t like a place before and changed my mind, so please don’t take my hesitation as complaint, it’s merely caution before a new situation.  After this year, I would rather have familiarity than excitement and adventure, but adventure is what I’ll get none-the-less!






Life is like that.


We’re moving again, but this time on to a new kind of adventure.






Our bit of a miracle February 19, 2013





Our first-born turns 18 this week.  It’s a shock for us – let’s face it, we’re not old enough to have a kid that age.  HA!

Ok, let’s be honest, my first-born was a high school graduation “surprise” (as though we really didn’t know how it happened).  Not everyone likes surprises as much as others apparently?


All I could think of that first day we found out was my career counselor in high school telling me loudly “With grades like this, you might as well just start having babies.  You’ll never be able to do anything worth while.”  As though being a mom was the worst thing you could be?






Over the objections of a lot of people, my boyfriend of two years and I decided that this little one wasn’t a choice.  I offered to let him head for the hills and not tell anyone who the baby belonged to, but not a chance, he was in it for the long hall.

After we let people know, a lot of friends walked away, and even my church asked me to stop coming.  I was ignored, talked about, told off and called names.  Boxes filled with very used baby items with notes attached telling me that “this is what you get when you have a baby before you’re married” arrived, even though I worked and could afford to buy them myself.

We had people offer our baby to others without our permission, handing us couples numbers telling us that “they would really love a baby and they’ve already talked with them.”  I had the nurse who was supposed to give me information on how to take care of myself while pregnant attempt to threaten me into an appointment to “get rid of it”.

Rude comments, whispers and dirty looks from strangers, co-workers, checkers, nurses and anyone else who felt the need to chime in, as though their opinion mattered, came rolling in to “encourage” us.


My boyfriend and I visited almost every weekend while he was up north working on his first year of college.  You’d be amazed how caring and protective frat boys can be when it comes to one of their “brothers” baby’s!  Leaving me in the care of our wonderful midwife who protected and encouraged me and a few friends who were amazing to me, while I stayed behind to finish up work.  

9 months later, he came down for a surprise visit that must have been a little too exciting for me – that Sunday, our first-born arrived on his exact due date.  7 lbs 14 oz – 19 inches.  5:03 am.



Picture 374



We got married 6 months later right before he left for basic training and we’re still happily married today!


This “thing” that was supposed to ruin our lives and should never be born has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to us.  He was supposed to keep us from succeeding, from having a life and from doing anything important.  Instead – he was a reason to work harder, be better and to love him, and each other that much more.  I wish everyone could have someone to work that hard for!

Not only has my husband become dentist, but has worked his way up from enlisted to an officer in both the Air Force and the Navy.

I have opened my own business that allows me to have full control over my work and how I take care of my family.


What you view as “having a life” depends on what you think having a life is.  A party every weekend or waking up next to a husband and cookie breathed baby IS a life – it’s an excellent, wonderful, crazy life that would have been robbed from me if I had listened to all the people who told me – that this isn’t a life.

And what makes a job important?  Is teaching a child his ABC’s important, or being there to scare the monsters away?  Is teaching your sons that girls are to be honored, something to be proud of?  If it weren’t for people who give up their lives for others…. if it weren’t for parents, people who do “something important” wouldn’t exist.  THIS…. is important!


Honestly – it wasn’t easy.  My guess is that’s why God said to do it the other way around!  But please, can someone show me something in life, that is worth while, that is easy?


Didn’t think so!


He is graduating from high school and college with honors.  He’ll have a 2 year degree when he walks out of our house in a few months.  He’s already run his own baking business, traveled several states, helped me with his brothers while his dad is serving his country, shown amazing leadership skills at home, work, school and church.  He has shown us that he’ll be an amazing man, husband, father and Christian.  He’s been one of my best friends and biggest challenges from the first day I learned about him.  I can’t imagine our life or the world without him.






I am so glad we didn’t believe anyone when they told us that he was the worst choice we could make or didn’t believe that he was something to “take care of”.  We didn’t believe that he was a cause for sadness.  He was ours, from the first moment we knew about him!


It did take a while for the reality to set in though….


I say to all of you –

– who profess to say you are “pro-life” and then give the stink eye of shame to the 16-year-old who keeps her baby – you are hypocrites!  Instead encourage her, walk beside her – trust me, she already knows all the things she’s done wrong and doesn’t need your help to feel any worse.  She needs your encouragement and loving guidance.  God doesn’t make mistakes, even if we can’t see the reason.


I say to all of you –

– who say you are “pro-choice” and then chastise the girl for keeping her baby, telling her that her life is over, she’s ruining everything you or she’s got planned for life – this is her *choice*!  Back her up, help her.  Don’t tell her that her life is over and all she can do is nothing and welfare is her only option.  She is an amazing person, with an amazing person in the making.


Better yet – tell her AND the father!


Thank you to everyone who believed in us, backed us up, helped us, talked with us, stayed with us and didn’t remind us.  You helped us make an amazing man.  I hope to be able to pass this gift on someday.


I can’t wait to see what’s in store for him!


*SQUEE* September 14, 2011

After the last weekend, which was a tough one for me, I got a great pic of the hubby on FB today.  Actually several – I’m not excited or anything!  It just made my month – the renters can pay late and let their dogs pee on the carpet, the boys can take forever on their school work and the neighbor dogs can bark for hours, but I’ll still have a pic of my sexy dentist man!

I feel sorry for the poor guy in the chair - he finally get's his pic up and this is it?

 I’ll let you wonder which one he is. *wink*

I have about 5 more – but I won’t bore you… today.


Also an added bonus since my soccer game was canceled tonight.  The team before us busted a window…


On top of that, I finished my skirt and our Granny’s birthday gift.  And FINALLY got back to my tops.  The colors aren’t thrilling me, so I’ve been holding off.  But if I get them finished, then I can decide how I like them and possibly make more, in better colors.




I see a color scheme developing here?


One month down August 19, 2011

It’s been a month since the hubby left and so far I think I’ve done pretty well, especially with all the craziness!

Ok, it’s only been a month, we’ll see how I’m talking in 5 or 6 months from now…

I can’t complain too much, I get to e-mail him everyday and get a phone call every few days.  A lot of spouses only get that sort of privilege every few months, if that – so I am really lucky! 

He's somewhere on there?

The house is now done so I have to find some new projects to occupy my time.  I’ve finished my sweater (that I’ve been working on for literally months now), it’s soaking or I’d share it with you.  I’ve been working on the pattern for my new jacket/top and gotten my bedroom in working order – at least enough to live in until I get a wild hair to improve it.  I even ordered a mattress finally – I’m almost like – a grown up!  I’ve even gotten my workout equipment up again so I can get up and moving again.  Hopefully these things will all keep me out of trouble.  *whistling*

I’m feeling a project coming on at the moment, but I’m trying to stifle it – it feels like a big one.  A “your husband would never approve, so hurry up and get it done before he get’s home” project.  Hmm? 

See, this is what happens when your voice of reason is gone to long!

I know when I’m getting the tweek – the orange hair comes out.  Today I behaved, I only wore a small strip, but the boys got a worried look on their faces when “the wig” came out.  I swear I only pulled it out to brush it after the move!  And honestly I usually only wear it for roller derby nights and when the boys are being ornery – it works amazingly well for that too I might add!


I’ll keep you updated on my project idea… *poking the project horns back in*


The hubby’s home and he brought a visitor… February 12, 2011

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YAY!  The hubby’s home, life can go back to normal – or something like that.  And he was nice enough to bring his “friend” the cold home with him.  He got home after everyone was in bed and already this morning everyone has “the funk”.  Even with our new visitor and his giant bag of laundry, I’m super glad he’s home!  (Yeah, yeah – it was only nine days, I have to work my way up to the 6-9 months somehow.)

The boys are enjoying the MRE’s dad brought home.  1500 calorie meal, chock full of chemical goodness!  The fact that you can warm it in a bag, wash your face with it, get your “Mocha” on – all that and a piece of gum – is just to much to resist for them.

Mmmm - who couldn't resist!

I made a new discovery while trying to get my outfit to fit right this week.  (I hope I’m not the only person with this problem)  I discovered that one side of my rib cage is bigger, by about 1/2″, which shouldn’t be an issue with most clothing, except this outfit has no ease, which explains why it didn’t want to fit right.  After adjusting for this odd factor, it’s fitting much nicer now and I’m just working on the finishing touches.

I put the Aran sweater aside for a while to give my hands a rest.  Then I’ll get it sewn together and out the door!

We’ll be leaving on vacation with the in-laws this week and I’m trying to decide what knitting project to bring along.  I would bring a sewing project, but hauling my sewing matching all over tarnation is not my idea of a vacation.  Besides, I hope to be so busy that I’ll be too tired to work on anything, but I still need something for the ride there and back.

We’ll be gone for a few days and it will be the first time I’ve left “the girls” for this long.  I’m feeling a bit ridiculous for worrying this much about dogs!  We have someone coming to watch them, I just hope the Oly Monster behaves herself.  I don’t need a call from her (the dog watcher, not one of the dogs) saying she can’t get in because the dog is going to eat her!

Tonight I’ll be making a third attempt at dying a shirt.  Why people insist on giving me *gag* pink clothes, is beyond me.  I am determined to make it orange.  The first try it came out a nice shade of bright orange, but in a darker room I noticed it didn’t dye correctly and blotched.  My second attempt to re-dye it I added a bit of grey to it to make it more of a burnt orange and the color came out beautiful, but those blotched spots REALLY showed up this time.  Tonight I’ll be removing the dye and starting over, blotch free.  This poor shirt may not take much more abuse!

For the next few days I’ll be washing and packing, washing and packing, so no sewing and stitching, bummer!